At MJR Builders we are dedicated to not only building quality homes, We Build People Too! Success starts with people. We take pride in developing each other, in providing opportunities for growth, and in giving you a fulfilling and exciting place to build your future. Working for MJR Builders is more than a job, it’s a career where your skills and passion makes a difference in our customer's lives.

Quantity Surveyors
7-8 years

Quantity surveyors estimate and control costs for large construction projects. They make sure that structures meet legal and quality standards. Quantity surveyors are involved at every stage of a project. Whether they’re working on residential, commercial or industrial projects, clients rely on them to ensure that the final outcome is value for money.

Electrical Engineer
4-5 years

The electrical engineer will be responsible design, develop, and test electrical devices and equipment, including communications systems, power generators, motors and navigation systems, and electrical systems for automobiles and aircraft. They also oversee the manufacture of these devices, systems, and equipment.

Electrical Supervisor
3-5 years

Electrical supervisors are electrical contractors who oversee the work done by electricians on a job site. They are responsible for ensuring that all safety and compliance standards are met and to provide technical assistance when necessary.

2-3 years

The storekeeper is responsible for general and department-specific, routine, daily store activities, including processing postings, supplies receipt and distribution, carry out inventories and inventory control activities, and may manage purchase and change orders.

Materials Executive
4-5 years

Top Materials Management Executive has overall responsibility for activities related to the purchase, storage, and distribution of raw materials, supplies, and equipment. Ensures that inventory needs are met throughout the production process while maximizing the efficiency of warehousing and distribution operations.

Plumbing Engineers
5-7 years

Plumbing engineers design and draft plumbing systems for different buildings and facilities. This job involves managing project budgets, designing and implementing plumbing systems, and managing teams. Plumbing engineers usually work in office environments for consulting or engineering firms, but they may also need to visit construction or building projects, so travel to and from sites is to be expected. Plumbing engineers typically work regular business hours; they also often work overtime, as this can be a high-stress job and projects often have tight deadlines. This job is well suited to people who have excellent technical design and communication skills, creativity, and attention to detail.

Senior Structural Engineer
4-5 Years

The Senior Structural Engineer’s responsibilities will include performing and managing simple and complex analysis, design and documentation of various structures with emphasis on bridges, buildings, dams, parking structures, marine construction, water and wastewater treatment facilities, telecommunications structures, retaining walls, foundations, structure replacements and rehabilitations as well as conducting field investigation and construction phase observation. The Senior Structural Engineer will also direct subordinate staff and assist with business development activities.

Project Coordinator
1-4 years

Project coordinators work to assist project managers teams with the coordination of resources, equipment, meetings, and information. They organize projects with the goal of getting them completed on time and within budget.

Sales Managers
3-5 years

Sales Manager Responsibilities:

  • Managing organizational sales by developing a business plan that covers sales, revenue, and expense controls.
  • Meeting planned sales goals.
  • Setting individual sales targets with the sales team.
  • Tracking sales goals and reporting results as necessary.
  • Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team.
  • Coordinating with marketing on lead generation.
  • The ongoing training of your salespeople.
  • Developing your sales team through motivation, counseling, and product knowledge education.
  • Promoting the organization and products.
  • Understand our ideal customers and how they relate to our products.

Sales Executives
1-2 years

Job Responsibilities include-


1. Ability to Forecast – Sales Executives must break-free from their mindset of merely being the revenue streams for a business and must be aware of the many aspects of sales management such as sales numbers, attrition, headcount, training needs, etc.


2. Listening Skills – Listening skills are crucial to sales executives, as being in the moment with the prospective customers will help you gain their trust.


3. Positive Thinking – Having a positive attitude is crucial for sales executives as it influences their performance especially when there are times when cracking sales deals seem very difficult.


4. Interpersonal Skills – Good interpersonal skills are a major requirement for sales executives as it helps you in maintaining and forging a long-lasting relationship with the customers.


5. Confidence – The main job of sales executives is to convince their potential customers that the product they are selling is the best. For that, sales executives have to have conviction in the product they are selling.


6. Product Knowledge – Confidence and conviction can only come if Sales Executives have through and intensive knowledge of the product they are selling

CRM Executives
1-2 years

A CRM Executive needs to understand their company’s target audience to understand what consumers want. The role involves the following duties:

  • Planning CRM strategies designed to attract and retain customers while expanding the brand’s reach and boosting consumer loyalty.
  • Creating emails and other content as part of a wider marketing campaign.
  • Answering customer queries and dealing with complaints.
  • Implementing strategies to test the various forms of marketing developed by your team.
  • Liaising with other departments to create a CRM strategy that works across the board.

In a nutshell, you are the person who is supposed to make your customer’s dreams come true! If you do your job correctly, you will attract new business for your company while retaining existing customers.

Senior Account Executive
4-5 years

The Senior Account Executive is responsible for achieving sales and/or profitability objectives, typically from new clients or accounts. Senior Account Executives identify marketplace opportunities, prospect and engage new clients, develop proposals, and manage the contract process. Senior Account Executives typically manage and mentor one or Account Executives—demonstrating advanced sales, market research and business skills. The Senior Account Executive is generally a supplier-side role and frequently involves travel.



  • Achieving assigned sales targets
  • Prospecting and developing new client relationships within a defined geography or market
  • Consulting with clients on business issues and research design
  • Developing innovative proposals and delivering strategic sales presentations
  • Making actionable and insightful recommendations for new products, extensions, or enhancements
  • Managing and mentoring a team of Account Executives
  • Resolving sales or delivery issues

Facility Manager
3-5 years


  • Plan and coordinate all installations (telecommunications, heat, electricity etc.) and refurbishments
  • Manage the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards
  • Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations
  • Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs
  • Supervise all staff facilities staff (custodians, technicians, groundskeepers etc.) and external contractors
  • Control activities like parking space allocation, waste disposal, building security etc.
  • Allocate office space according to needs
  • Handle insurance plans and service contracts
  • Keep financial and non-financial records
  • Perform analysis and forecasting