Why Customers Say We are among the Best Real Estate Developers in Bangalore:

MJR Builders gives you the flavour of fine and sensible living. We have been able to inspire the sensible side of luxury in our customers through our exemplary eco-friendly projects. There are many a thing that defines the MJR niceties – precise planning, space-age designs, sumptuous lifestyle, pleasant ambience, convenient location, modern-day amenities and most of all, happy residents.

At MJR, we sincerely adhere to catering to our customers’ subtle tastes and choices. Our endeavours and services are dedicated to providing optimal customer satisfaction through absolute transparency and compliance.  In view of the global standards of living that we have set amidst your very own, familiar milieus, our customers regard us as one of the best builders in Bangalore. Take a look at what our customers say


Greetings from MJR Builders!

We value your patronage and appreciate your reposed confidence in us. Counting you among our customers is something for which we are especially grateful.

We wholly understand the significance of your investment with MJR and we are confident of exceeding your expectations in finding a suitable home for investment. Most of all, we stand for time-tested relationships... Through a belief that we'll be part of the best part of your life for years to come... And through the satisfaction that comes from creating something truly permanent and special. These are the things we believe in. And you believe in them, too.

As you have delightful experiences — especially in today's times — you just can't help but tell others about it. I hope you might have derived the same experience being the privileged customer of MJR Projects.

We would like to take a moment to thank you for helping us grow.

We really appreciate you helping “Spread the Word” about MJR projects anyone, friends, family or neighbours, colleagues who are in need of a perfect abode, please consider suggesting us.

As we are constantly launching projects across the locations of your choice, we would really appreciate your continued support. In return for your referral……. we would be delighted to offer you a referral incentive on the referred customer completing the requisite documentation. At MJR, we follow Customers First Policy and always adapt initiatives that safeguards the best interest of the project and our stake holders. Our core objective is to improve the existing relationship through better communications and customer service.